Life without electronic devices

Is a life without electronic devices still conceivable?

by Kilian and Lars

It sounds like the deepest Middle Ages. But it is true! There was also a life without electronic devices. Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone or other electronic device, but how was life without these inventions?

On the one hand the communication was completely different, people had to either write letters and send them by mail or walk to the phone booth to talk to friends. If you were lucky, the family had a home phone. However, this was not as we know it today by radio, but it was connected with a cable and you had to stay within range.

Another thing that has changed is the leisure activities. In the past, children used to go out to play football on the street or to play catch. Others met in the park and explored nature for adventures

Love has also changed. Nowadays you write to each other by WhatsApp or you end it on the phone. People used to write real love letters that came from the heart or they met in person, but people dreamt about things like writing girls on Instagram.

People have lost creativity, they just hang out at home. They no longer meet up with friends, but arrange to play Fortnite on Playstation. No one goes to the nearby football field in town to play football. Nobody plays in the garden or climbs into their tree house anymore. More and more people lose interactive communication with each other, while they don’t even notice it.

These points are showing, that electronic devices changed our lives not positive. But there are also many features, that make our daily life easier. Google Maps replaced the classic maps. In a few seconds, the app can tell you, where to go.  Taking a foto is these days much faster and easier. Old schools had to always have a camera with them.

 We asked 3 teenagers, where the mobile become an important part of their lives. They said, that they are spending two to three hours daily on their phones. You have to ask yourself: “what would I do, if I haven’t got a mobile” Not only the mobile is a “timekiller”. Every boy we asked, said that he played or is playing video games. Also one to three hours daily. On the weekend sometimes more , than five hours. The difference from today’s games to video games 20 years ago is, that they have no end. It is impossible to finish the game.

For me, the biggest problem is, that we, the teenagers, lost our creativity. I was at a party a few weeks ago and seven guys at the same age sit down and all looked on their phones. I asked myself: “What would my dad have done , when he was in my age ?” They would dance, talk about girls, maybe smoke something, but they would never sit down and do nothing. Just wachting on their phones. If you think, that you aren‘t  concerned, just try it! Let your mobile at home for a hole day. Many of our teenagers, we asked, told us, that they feel empty or lost, when they aren‘t available anymore. When you have this fear, just try to don‘t look that often on your phone. The medienpsychologe Thorsten Fehr talks from a “digital drug“. He says, that it is very important to controll the mobile time of their childrens. He underlines, that kids in a young age skip an important development of becoming an adult.

To solve the problem, we found a website, which helps to find a good balance between using your phone and not get addicted. Also for parents, there are important tipps, how to behave.

The goal should be, that every electronic device is only a feature for solving a problem in everyday life. Communications should be more personal and more directly.   Parents have the task to control the mobile time of their children, because we think that spending time at your mobile or computer, is wasted time.

9 Antworten auf „Life without electronic devices“

  1. You picked an interesting topic and came up with a catchy headline. Unfortunately, your headline does not really correspond to the content of your blog – you only focused on one small part of „electronic devices“, that is video games and mobile phones. Also, you mainly mentioned the negative effects of smartphone usage, which makes your entry rather one-sided. Your arguments are definitely true, nonetheless, there are also more positive points that you could have written about.
    I very much appreciate your self-made charts, they render your content very clear and appealing. You also linked an article, which I thought a very nice idea.

  2. First of all: Very nice written post, which has the right lenght!

    You have given a good overview of the important issue of mobile phone addiction, although you, like us, as a generation affected, know this problem but ignore it. You accept it because it is also a good pastime and can often be helpful. With this post you have presented your arguments and tips conclusively and differentiated. Your graphics and links could give the reader a lot of additional information and were revealing, a good addition!

    Thanks for these interesting minutes of reading

  3. We liked reading your blog post. The topic is very interesting and you have a nice structure. Especially your inroduction catches the readers attention and makes him/her want to know more about the problem. It is easy to understand because of the way you portrayed it.
    Sometimes your choice of words is confusing and you used German expressions. Moreover you mostly show one perspective, which on the one hand can be good to figure out your position, but on the other hand is very subjective.

  4. It’s a really nice written text and your topic is very interesting. But your survey is not as representive as it could be. Imagining a life without a smartphone is a nice idea because it is a big problem of communication in our society. It makes oneself thinking about the consume of social media and in general smartphones. As a critic you can not say „nobody is playing outside any longer“ but you are right that there are a lot less children doing it.
    by Jasmin & Lena

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      But I cannot find your quote „nobody is playing outside any longer“ which you criticised, maybe you can explain me what do you mean?

  5. I understand your mentioned aspects but I think some are simply prejudices. For example the argument about people not meeting eachother while being in a relationship or just befriended. Thats an exception! Still many if not the most meet their partner in the so called „old-fashioned way“.
    A large amount uses smartphones permanently but nevertheless they go outside, meet and interact with other people.
    Overall your arguments aren´t wrong but you didn´t consider another perspective and exaggerated your statements which you also didn´t verify properly.

  6. First of all we really liked your post because the Topic is very interesting and comprehensibly. Especially as you mentioned the Situation at the Party we realized that the Problem is bigger than we thougt before reading the blog because nowadays it is more integrated in our all day life.
    In your blog you did not really Show the positve things of electronic devices. For example the graphic that you used reflects for us a either positive view of the devices because things like phone calls and messages simplify necessary communication in our all day life for example by organising a Meeting between each other.
    All in all we do understand your opinion but we think that nowadays electronic devices are also useful and for us it is unimaginable to remove the devices completely. Moreover we would be happier if you showed us some Solutions to solve the Problem for example by a limited use of the phone of younger children which could be controlled by adults or the Producer of Video games. In this way children could grow up normally with real communication.

  7. I like your comment topic because we all use our smartphone everyday and can´t imagine a life without smartphones. The description from the life without smartphone is very nice. Maybe you could first describe the life without explaining your opinion and after that start a discussion. In addition to that I really like your diagrams!
    Another point is the german stylistic devices. Very funny 😉

  8. We liked to read your article it was informative and you came out to a final statement.
    Your topic was catchy and with the diagram you occupy some of your thesis.
    But we do not agree with your point that nowadays the teenager can not have fun without mobile or video gaming devices: Of course there are a lot of exceptions but all in one the majority can also meet up without hanging at the mobile phones.
    In our friends group for example, we leave our mobile phones in our bag, just to enjoy the moments with them!

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