Genetics and medicine

Improvement of Medicine – blessing or curse

by Lucera and Emma

Especially during the cold season we are more likely to catch a cold. Then we have to ask ourselves whether we go to work or stay in bed to get healthy again. Most of us probably just take some pills of medicine, because we have so much to do that there is no time to be ill. Do we really have to take medicine to fight a non- threatening disease?

In our survey, 60% of the respondents, only take medicine during an illness. The development of medicine has helped to get rid of several infections and viruses. Moreover one can easily prevent many diseases with vaccinations. Another important point is that life expectancy has increased due to medical improvement. Many people, especially those, who depend on medical treatment, benefit from the progress in medicine.

The problem is that it is difficult to determine who really needs a daily medical treatment. Our survey shows that there is a high number of people (40%) who take medicine regularly or on a daily basis.  It often happens that people get over-diagnosed and therapied by doctors. An international survey of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has shown that 30% of the doctors give their patients  antibiotics, even though it wouldn’t have been needed. This unnecessary, too early treatment is one reason for the high consumption of medicine. The results are multi-resistant germs, which are hard to be counteracted. As a consequence, better medicine needs to be created. But often medicine only gets more expensive but it neither increases the effectiveness nor the security. In many cases, making money is the main goal.

Medicine has surely helped us to exterminate illnesses, people have gotten sick from in earlier times. Especially at a high age you depend on medicine even more because you are proner for illnesses.

Apart from these scientific reasons, society also plays an important role in the intake, and overuse, of medicine.

It is easy as that: When you are at home in bed to rest, you are expected to get healthy soon. This vast amount of pressure leads to the fear of missing out on something important. The point is that nobody has time to be ill. The body does not get the time to completely cure a disease by itself. The medicine only suppresses the disease for a certain amount of time.

If we have a cold we should consider home remedies, such as ginger tee or a chicken soup, as an option.  They also are very sufficient if not better for our bodies. This way, there is a chance of getting healthy  in a natural way.

Unfortunately, this is too much work and effort for most of us. We’d rather take a pill of medicine and feel better instantly.

Another point is that nobody goes outdoor anymore. We surely spend more time in- than outside, which weakens our immune system. Nowadays many people have to sit in a closed office for hours. In  the evening they are too tired that they rather lay on the sofa and watch TV than doing sports or going outside.

Coming to conclusion one can see that the development of medicine is both, blessing and curse. It is not necessary that we quit taking medicine completely, but we should make sure to watch our consumption. There are cases where taking medicine is essential for your heath, but in most of the time there are better alternatives. Is it seriously that difficult to make yourself a cup of tee and watch your health?

2 Antworten auf „Genetics and medicine“

  1. Your blog post is well written and easy to understand. You nicely analyzed the cons of medicin. You could have focused a bit more on positive aspects to think about pros and cons. Anyway your conclusion gives a nice overview over your topic.
    I like your statistic, but you could maybe have asked a few more students to make it more significant.

  2. Your blog is great! You considered many different points, which helped you come to a differenciated conclusion. I very much like your use of language and you obviously worked with a broad knowledge of factual data.

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