Smart glasses

Vision for future – Smart Glasses

by Erik, Franz and Michelle


  1. what they are for and how they work
  2. pro’s and con’s
  3. smart glasses today
  4. dystopia or utopia?
  5. conclusion
  1. What they are for and how they work

Smart glasses provide life monitoring services. They have got a reality technology to assist you with your everyday home and business life. Ok that sounds good but how do they work? They work with a combination of display, sensors, accelerometers, software and internet connectivity. Also there is a touchpad or voice control added in the glasses. You can use it with a handset or both, too.

2. Pro’s and con’s

What is true about the dystopian view on smart glasses?

If you wear smart glasses there is like with usual glasses a higher risk to get a headache or eye strain. So it is not really healthy to wear them for a longer time and they can have a really bad impact on your eyes if you have an eye disease or your vision is not full developed yet.

There is also a problem in practice, the distraction, because you cannot see what is in front of you or what happens around you if you are focusing on what the smart glasses shows you. On this way blind spots are created and you might risk your safety for example by failing to see a car or something else. This problem can cause bad accidents.

Another point at risk is the privacy because of the potential of being recorded. People with smart glasses can make recordings (also secret ones) of persons who actually do not want to be recorded and this would be an intervention in their private living.

However, these arguments against smart glasses are not really new. Recordings are also made through other devices. Paying attention on your environment especially in “dangerous” situations would prevent the risk of distraction. Usual glasses and smartphone or computer displays can also be unhealthy. So these arguments are also not really convincingly. Smart glasses instead a futuristic technology with indeed benefits.

Smart glasses – technical masterpiece!

Smart glasses are a true “hands-free-experience”. You can handle them easily because Smart glasses are completely controlled by your voice. You do not need your hands and fingers to use them so you have more flexibility. This almost illusionary invention is kind of a masterpiece because it has also a lot of gadgets. This device does most of the things your smartphone can do. Smart glasses are taking technology on a new level and are making your life easier especially if you are on the move and need a view on the environment. In a world where nearly everything gets faster and faster and where time is money the principle of multi-tasking is more and more important and also for that smart glasses are created. Moreover you can every time communicate with others so you do not need to take an extra device and because smart glasses are always on you stay connected.

3. Smart glasses today

In the last few years there has been an increase in so called smart glasses which has been highly supported by many large companies. Even though there are some changes that still remain the capabilities and the price are evolving for the better.

In the near future smart glasses are going to support factory workers and technicians in their task and work life as well as everybody’s daily life.

All in all this future investment is going to make workforce efficient and life less difficult.

The previously released prototypes have to be designed more simply and more conveniently before they can be sellers for everyone on the market.

First of all the graphic processors have to be small, lightweight and power efficient in order to conquer with the comfortable and convenient glasses nowadays.

Chips like NVIDIA Tegra x1 or intel m7 are required for accelerating real world tracking and fluid rendering.

Unfortunately the eye-tracking function and voice and gesture recognition end in massive battery and heat problems which have to be avoided.

For a full AR (Augmented Reality) experiences there has to be a high-resolution front-camera and cloud-hosted services. In conclusion the visual impression of videos and information will be reformed and overwhelming.

But these innovations require a high security standard to ensure that private information is not misplaced. Therefor regulatory regimes are needed but yet not exist.

For these reasons the market entrance has to be carefully reconsidered and tested, which takes time and leads to a slow progress.

4. Utopia or dystopia?

Smart devices will surely change our future life, although there are many technologies nowadays that have already had a big impact on our present life.

With smart glasses factory employees are able to perform more convincing and to organize their duties and tasks more efficiently.

With the help of a smart device as compact as a smart glass one is going to have the freedom to organization ones daily life and take actions in their own hand.

Living in an utopia means living in a world where life is easy, simple and ideal. Consequently there are no problems, difficulties and issues. Everybody can live their effect life without any harm.

Having access to an aid like a smart glass would make one step forward into pursuing once individual dream lifestyle.

5. Conclusion

Sine there are many problems left to solve it takes time to enforce smart glasses on the market.

Keeping personal information private is a worldwide human right.

cIn consequence these issues have to be dissolved by launching a new and larger security system.

Nevertheless the smart glasses are a huge opportunity in the digital revolution which cannot be missed.

Even though there is a lot of criticism and doughts towards new technologies it is necessary to support and secure the research and developments to combat the human challenges at our time.

2 Antworten auf „Smart glasses“

  1. The article is well structured and very pleasing to read. Furthermore the many pictures improve the reader´s interest in the Blogg-post. One thing, you could have mentioned, is how far the technology is necessary in the human development. Maybe smartglasses will replace smartphones in some years or humanity decides that a smartwatch is better than smartglasses. However, your article is already very differenciated and nice to read.

  2. —————ATTENTION—————
    Good overview to the topic.
    Great format (especially: great idea to make a disposition) and design (pictures etc.)!
    We can‘t agree to the concept of smart glasses making the difference between utopia and dystopia.
    The arguments sometimes do not seem to be checked enough. E.g.: „ Keeping personal information private is a worldwide human right.“
    Thanks for your attention!

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